Wine Cellar

The Tre Galli wine list is mother of all the wine cellars of its group (Tre Galline and Carlina Restaurant & Bar).

With over 1,200 labels, it is one of the best – both within the city and its sorroundings. The love and dedication for wine is evident in the impressive and well-kept ambience of cellar, which can be visited on request.

The list is first and foremost a crossroads of the Italian world of enology, but incorporates a good deal of global wine regions as well.

A wide assortment of champagnes, an incredible selection of vintages, red and white – we jealously guard our 1974 or 1976 South Tyrolean white wines, our vintage champagnes from 1986, 1988, or 1990, and not to mention the red, dating back to 1962!

The foresight of the property and the major purchases, made in the right years, allow the guests to taste wines from the largest producers, matured in our cellars for over 18 years.

Our exceptional wine list is also the result of research, always carried out with attention to an ever-evolving market that includes young producers and philosophies that unveil new ways of understanding wine (and indeed, the most representative producers of organic, natural, and biodynamic Italian and foreign wines).

Finally, our list offers a wide selection of sweet wines and dessert wines, from a large line of Sauternes, among the most famous in the world, to the great sweet wines from Sicily, Friuli, and Piedmont – including a large line dedicated to the smallest Controlled Origin Denomination wine in Italy: Loazzolo – all to reach the Austrian Icewines at last.
A list to impress and satisfy any kind of customer – one that is constantly evolving in search of the best of national and foreign production.